We are all individuals and we all love and cherish personal relationships. So we are particularly impressed by the personal touch in business, and do our best to present this mode of communication to our customers. In our printing office, among all other machine, the key place belonging to the powerful HP Indigo 5500 machine, which everyone, including our clients, affectionately call – Frenki. This machine brings us the competitive level of quality digital printing, as well as many additional opportunities for our clients with great added value – and variable data technology is certainly one of these. With applying the personal approach to creation of Cerovski planner for the year 2014, we wanted to show how this technology can be a precise and effective, primarily because it has that wonderful emotional code that interacts with customers on a new, more personal level. In addition to the classic printing products such as catalogues, brochures, magazines, books, we provide the ability to personalize each and every individual piece. Variable data printing technology (personalization) enables significantly higher return on investment – for example, the response to a personalized flyer is 35 %, while to a classic flyer only 3 %. So, let’s make it personal!