White colour print

We have opened the door to creativity in the process of print and design and we were the first in Croatia to present HP ElectroInk white color and its infinite possibilities! Business cards, magazine covers, packaging, invitations, stickers…all are perfect to explore with white color print. You need not worry any more about the restraints in print on dark paper because with the development of HP ElectroInk white color, endless new and creative possibilities of design have been created, while the boundaries simply – do not exist. Do you want to make magazine covers or brochures more exclusive and invitations or greeting cards more luxurious? White color print on dark and exclusive papers gives you exactly that opportunity. Also, on previously printed white color as a surface, you can print colorful designs on dark papers which will look great! Printing on metallised papers will bring your packaging to a completely new level, and if we add transparent and synthetical materials to this, you will understand that the possibilities are really infinite. Unleash a creative giant in yourself, contact us and transform your ideas into reality!