Planner with your photo on the cover

Each year we present a new model of the planner, tailored to individual customer requirements. Year after year we present not only new design but a new level of personalization as well. This year’s model, in addition to many other things, offers the possibility of applying your favourite photo on the cover. That’s why we call this model: “Photography is eternal.” Because life is a series of different moments and it is up to us to appreciate them, to remember and enjoy them!

The involvement of customers in creating the planner using web application now includes a choice of types (weekly planner or notes) and colour of book block paper. If you select a weekly planner, an organizer, you don’t need to worry – we update the calendar every month!

Planner format is 155 x 225 mm and it is coated with the highest quality materials in five colours. Two hundred book block pages are printed in five different colours of PopSet papers (Arjowiggins), according to your choice. Combining all above, you can also choose the colour of the indicator strip.

We also make wishes come true! Planner is very much a popular gift. So, at the request of our last year’s customers we have introduced one more option for personalization – a place in application where you can write your dedication / message / quotation.

Once you visit web application, you will be offered to choose between two available personalized planner models. Faithful fans of last year’s planner named “Your design, have fun” can breathe easily. They can still order it, but this year with new set of cover colours. One more thing – application is bilingual. Which means that by choosing the language on website, you are choosing the language of your planner – Croatian or English.

Design: Bunch
Web application: Docytpe
Photos shot in Prostoria by Vanja Šolin