Cerovski Print Boutique printer of the year

Cerovski Print Boutique is the printer of the year, according to the first regional print festival PRINT.Fest 2016, which also announced CROprint & REGprint Awards for best print products in Croatia and region.

Competition within 7 cat…

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EU projekt

Fond: Europski fond za regionalni razvoj

Operativni program: Operativni program za regionalnu konkurentnost 2007.-2013.

Javni poziv: „Primjena informacijske i komunikacijske tehnologije za poboljšanje poslovnih procesa“


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Eska Frog Awards 2015 – winners

Find out more about
this years winners atEska Frog Awards 2015.

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Amaranthine Books: Great books last

"Today a lot of things last only for short time, everything is kind of instant, but we believe that some things should last." This is the motto of the Amaranthine Books<…

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Planner with your photo on the cover

Each year we present a new model of the planner, tailored to individual customer requirements. Year after year we present not only new design but a new level of personalization as well. This year's model, in addition to many other things, off…

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