You always wanted a wanted a business card on black paper? However, not painted black where you can see the white paper edge, but on “that 320-gram black paper that looks so fancy”. The options you were offered were only screen printing and foil stamping. Sounds familiar? Yes, we feel your pain. But, also – we bring you great news, because very soon in Cerovski Print Boutique, and Cerovski Print Boutique only, you will be able to print real white color with amazing coverage effect, and also you will be able to print it on mostly any kind of surface. The widest color palette of “those finest sexy papers that we list in fancy catalogs but don’t know what to do with them because options are limited” now becomes available for the craziest and most creative ideas. By printing white color we are not only getting the effect of white on a darker surface, but we are also having an opportunity to print in color over the white. Yes, printing color on black, red, brown and blue papers is finally possible! We won’t reveal all the details or possibilities right away (such as printing on synthetic materials or combinations on gloss and matt foil for example), so – we will soon ba back with more info with final thought on the subject – imagination is the only limit!