Eska Frog Award 2015 for Veladrion Book of Experiences

Advertising agency Imago asked us to produce really unique book for their client, which was really one of those challenges that we always hope for. Creative tasks often bring along new knowledge and they are often followed by worldwide professional recognition. Veladrion Book of Experiences has just won Eska Frog Award 2015 which is annualy organized by Eska Graphic Board, world’s leading manufacturer of graphic materials. For the 6th year in a row, Eska invited their client from all around the world to apply with their best products made from Eska materials, wanting to give tribute to exceptipnal transformations of their ”grey” and seemingly simple product into something special, imaginative and colorful. Contestants were invited to send their most beautiful work and compete in 4 categories – books, stationery, luxury packaging and mixed products and Veladrion Book of Experiences was announced a worldwide winner in books category! Alongside with recognition and awards, Eska winners are honoured with another special thing – a monument in front of their management building in the Sappemer, Netherlands. Discover the magic of this special book with a tiny ball that is traveling page by page through the labyrinths until it falls on your palm.


Watch video about Veladrion Book of Experiences here.


More product details can be viewed here.