Amaranthine Books: Great books last

“Today a lot of things last only for short time, everything is kind of instant, but we believe that some things should last.” This is the motto of the Amaranthine Books, new company that gathers young team that wants to create books that last, books we will buy for ourselves and leave to those who come after us.

 Their first book which they developed with our printing help is “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Amaranthine Books team have thoroughly elaborated the concept of the main actor’s ambivalence, not only through illustrations and the cover design, but they have also designed two different versions of the book – Dr. Jekyll’s and Mr. Hyde’s edition. Upscale design and top quality craftsmanship is definitely what makes this books to stand out, and Hyde edition is particularly special because it is printed with white ink on black paper and will be also printed in a limited edition of only 555 copies.

Recently they have started a campaign on the famous crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter in order to gather all the necessary resources to complete the development and production, and Kickstart is also a place where you can already buy one (or both!) of these two bok editions.

Being a huge fan of great and beautifully designed book, we are especially excited about this cooperation and happy to got the opportunity to showcase the effectiveness and elegance of white ink printing white ink printing!


J&H 12

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J&H 3

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